Tracy Hart
Licensed Assistant & Marketing Manager

Tracy started working in the legal profession for a medical malpractice attorney, doing the firm’s accounting and reconciling of medical malpractice cases, accounts payable, accounts receivable and payroll as well as handling all accounting for two other companies the attorney owned.

In December 2008, Tracy started working at Feinberg Law Office handling legal and office matters and real estate closings. She has had extensive involvement with real estate closings, title documentation and office management.

In July of 2013, Tracy took the Pennsylvania Real Estate Fundamentals and Real Estate Practices courses consisting of 60 classroom hours and then passed the Pennsylvania Real Estate Salesperson test in November of 2013. She has grown in sales and marketing experience over the years and assists with property management for the properties owned by the firm’s principles and property showings. Tracy works with property management vendors and the tenants to ensure the properties are always well maintained and expertly serviced.

Our Expertise

Feinberg Real Estate Advisors, LLC is the Lehigh Valley’s leading independent commercial real estate brokerage firm. Our focused areas of expertise include commercial and industrial brokerage, investment properties, commercial development and consulting and real estate project management. Our hands-on approach to client management and our personal investments in commercial real estate provides us with a unique prospective on the industry.

Our Value Proposition

We call our unique value proposition “From Contact to Closing.” We offer a set of skills that differentiates us from almost every other brokerage firm. Our backgrounds as an economic development director, developer, CCIM, attorney, major project consultant & community leaders provides our clients with perspective and insight on the local market that is unmatched in the Lehigh Valley. We have extensive experience representing investors, sellers, buyers & tenants.

Property Listings

Feinberg Real Estate Advisors, LLC lists properties with great discretion. The purpose is two-fold: one, our listings are significant properties, obtained through referrals or involving complex developments. Two, the exclusivity of our listings permits us to provide individualized attention to each one. As a boutique practice, we deal in quality, not quantity.

Community Work

Feinberg Real Estate Advisors, LLC has been blessed to prosper in our community. It is a basic tenant of our philosophy to give back to the community that has given so much to us. So, our principles participate in numerous local charities, foundations, non-profits and arts organizations. Public service is an obligation we all share and we are proud to support our community with our talent, treasure, advice and energy.