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If you’re looking for the best tax incentives on the East Coast,look no further than Allentown, Pennsylvania. Thanks to the special Neighborhood Improvement Zone taxing district, all qualifying taxes generated in a 128-acre zone in downtown Allentown and the city’s waterfront district can be used to pay debt service on any financed improvements (construction,renovation, property acquisition, tenant fit out, and related soft costs)within the NIZ. Not only does that provide a huge incentive to developers looking to become a part of the city’s urban revitalization; it also means businesses can get significantly reduced rates on rent in brand new, class-A office space.

Allentown is transforming into one of the country’s most vibrant urban communities, with new restaurants, arts venues, parks and recreation, a picturesque waterfront and the brand new PPL Center hockey arena. Allentown is also ripe with the opportunities in manufacturing, the city’s third-largest major industry sector. With many available industrial properties, access to a dense labor market, a strong existing infrastructure, and access to city amenities, Allentown is a manufacturing city within a manufacturing region.Come to Allentown, and find out why it’s called the City Without Limits.